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Jinma is the major supplier of high-end theme parks in China, and owns the biggest market share of domestic market.

Jinma established long-term partnership with Chimelong Group(Guangzhou and Zhuhai), Sunac Group(Wanda Group, more than 15 parks), Fantawild(more than 18 parks), Happy Valley Group(more than 11 parks) and other top theme park in China for many years! 

You can find and enjoy our rides in any of top theme park in China


Jinma Designed&Supplied Dual-Tracl Tilting Coaster KSC-24A for Hefei Wanda Park(Now it's called Sunac Land):


Vertical Roller Coaster Jinma Rides designs for Daxingdong Park in Guizhou Province:


Tilting Coaster Jinma Rides designs for Daxingdong Park in Guizhou Province:


83m Giant Wheel by Jinma Rides, installed in:

1. On the Top of a river in Argentina;

2. On the top of a Shopping Mall in Zhongshan, China;

3. On the top of a Building in Guizhou, China.


The Drop Coaster, combines the roller coaster with animation and dropping elements, designed for Nanning Wanda Park(Now it's called Nannind Sunac Land):

速降过山车1.jpg 南宁万达速降过山车 游玩影视段效果图.jpg

And Many Others...

Jinma Domestic(China) Projects