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Chen Xudong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and other leaders of Zhongshan City visited

On August 5, Chen Xudong, Secretary of Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee, and Yang Wenlong, leader of Zhongshan Municipality, visited the company's brand exhibition area and product manufacturing process, and experienced the company's newly developed Immersive Ride.

Golden Horse’s Chairman Deng Zhiyi reported to the city leaders on the company's business development, technological innovation and product development. After listening to the company's report, Secretary Chen Xudong affirmed the company's innovation-driven development effect. He said that the game and entertainment industry is a "sunrise industry" in the innovative cultural industry. He hoped that Golden Horse would stick to his original intention and keep pace with the times, and better shoulder the mission of "creating joy and guarding joy", demanding that the whole city be all-around. Departments at all levels should pay more attention to and care for the growth of enterprises, take good care of the high-growth enterprises rooted in Zhongshan, and create favorable conditions for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and making them stronger and better.