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From July 2nd to 4th, 2019, Zhongshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau hosted the 2019 CNC Lathe (Advanced)/CNC Milling (Advanced) with the theme of “Skills Make Life, Talents Create the Future”. In the vocational skill competition, four employees of Golden Horse participated in the competition.

This competition is a platform for senior technical talents to build mutual learning skills. The whole event can be described as a master and a craftsman. The competition carries out two assessments of the written and practical tests of knowledge according to the national vocational skill standards. In the fierce competition, with solid foundation and excellent skills, Golden Horse employees stood out. Three of the four people who participated in the competition won the competition award and were commended by the organizing committee.

Over the years, Golden Horse has always insisted on improving the overall quality and skill level of skilled personnel, advocating the spirit of craftsmen, implementing quality projects, and promoting Golden Horse products to become the industry leader.




Jinma Rides employees won the 2019 City Skills Competition Excellence Award