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We are glad to tell you that our new Welding Robot has been put into the production. Its a latest generation of welding robot, bigger, more efficient, and more accurate. Look at the welding quality it provides, you will be impressed:

Latest Welding Robot:



Quality By Welding Robot:



Until now, Jinma has more than 48 kinds of machines for the manufacture of amusement rides, including Welding Robots, 3D Pipe Bender, CAM Molding Machine(for FRP), Sandblasting Machines, Lathes, Milling Machines, Planers, Grinders, Boring Machines and many others. And for inspection, Jinma has Spectrometer, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector, Hardness Tester,etc.

All advanced technologies and equipment, are for ensuring quality, for creating fun, for entertaining passengers all over the world!

3D Pipe Bender:

小-3D 弯管机.jpg

CAM Molding Machine(for FRP):


About Jinma Rides:

Jinma specialized in amusement industry since 1983, and now has been the first also the only listed ride manufacturer in China. Headquartered in Zhongshan, Jinma owns three production bases (respectively for R&D of major rides, R&D for immersive and dark rides, fabrication of Roller Coasters), and two international subsidiary corporations, one in Hong Kong named Global Culture & Tourism Development, and the other in Switzerland for engineering rides and attractions based on EN standard. 

Jinma Global Offices:


Ceremony for the success of being listed:


As an international group company, Jinma creates fun for passengers globally. Jinmas rides and service can be enjoyed in almost 30 countries, including Russia, Korea, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Algeria, Argentina, Mexico etc. 

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The Application of Welding Robot in Amusement Industry--All for Quality