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Tilting Coaster KSC-24B
This new coaster features the OMG! tilting while compounding other popular coaster elements such as butterfly inversion, spiral, flip, etc.
ItemJinma Rides
Power3N+PE 380V/220V 50Hz
Installed Capacity400kVA
Drive Power314.5kW
Max. Run Speed89km/h
Track Length747m+26.5m(repairing track)
Track Height40.1m
Train Quantity2pcs
Passenger    Rated Load 24 riders/train
Theory Capacity 1600 riders/h

Finally, we delivered the very first installation of this thrill coaster to our client. And they love it!  This new coaster features the OMG! tilting while compounding other popular coaster elements such as butterfly inversion, spiral, flip, etc.

A journey promising tons of thrill and excitement begins when passengers enter the train and get themselves secured on the seats. The train departs from the station and moves smoothly to the foothill where the train is hooked and chain lifted to the top of the 40-m high platform. Now that you are high up in there and there is no going back. You soldier on through it!  

At 40 meters above the ground, the train is being pushed towards the edge of the cliff, so tension starts building up and many a heart beats harder and harder as the train keeps going and is just about go off the cliff. The train does stop when half of its length extends beyond the edge of the cliff and fully locked into the tilt track. If you scream or cry a little already, that is OK, because it means you are not drained off and still able enough to shrill and shriek off the rest part.  

The most suspensive and scariest part begins. The tilt track works train, now dangerously perched at the cliff edge, to slowly tilt from the horizontal position to almost vertical and holds up passengers there in the air for a few very long seconds. Suspended in that diving position 40 meters high in the air, you hear winds and lucky enough one or two birds sing. Yet your palms are wet, heart racing, and you know only howling and shrieking now can keep your tension from surging too high. Still being suspended for another second, howl it and scream your lung out of it because you know it is just coming.  

As you wish, it just happens and the drain falls toward the center of gravity and coasts along a 70º sharp dive and continues for the rest of the easy and fun journey with a few loops, and inversions and spirals. This tilt roller coaster covers an area of 60m x 110m laid out with a 747m long track. The maximum velocity of the train reaches 89km/h with a maximum 4.5 G’s.

Any park owner who wants to add a major thrill ride may consider this tilt ride, we promise you it never disappoints passengers.


Owns 116+ patents


Has designed and installed 320+ roller coasters globally


Fabricates 350+ attractions annually

Global Market
Develops and engineers rides in China, Europe, and USA;

Manufacturing Ability

Owns three productions bases, and state-of-art manufacturing facility 150,000+ sqms, engineers 200+, employees 1000+;

Quality Assurance

Develops rides under GB8408, EN13814, and ASTM-F24 upon request; and all rides and creations are ready for TÜV or equivalent certifications;

Investor Relations

Listed in the stock-exchange market in 2018, the only public company in amusement rides design and manufacture in China;

Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: For standard rides in the catalogue, the delivery time is 6-8 months; For customized rides, it would takes 2 more months for changing design.


Q: Who will construct the foundation of the rides?

A: The buyer will contruct the foundation according to the foundtation condition drawings Jinma Rides provided.


Q: How do you ensure the quality of your rides?

A: We have complete quality control system certified by TUV Nord which is higher than the industrial standards(GB/EN/ASTM) from design to installation. 


For more details, please kindly contact us.

Welcome to contact us, and see how we will achieve quality theme parks and themed attractions, from the concept designs or preliminary ideas, exclusively and affordably, with our 38 years’ integrated service experience in this industry.

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