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Established in 1983, Jinma Rides, based in  Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China, is one of the  most well established Chinese manufacturers and  operators in today’s attractions industry. Born out of  a governmental machine tool plant, it is dedicated  to the design, manufacture, installation and  management of amusement rides.


Jinma Rides has more than 160 engineers, including  7 senior 
engineers and 2 professor of engineering.  These engineers will be 
divided into different teams,  including the analysis and calculation 
team,  mechanical design team, electrical design team,  art design team,
 welding and heat treatment team  and painting team. And all these teams
 will be  managed by the project manager to finish  every project.


The production department consists of 8 workshops,  including material cutting workshop, mechanical  workshop, welding workshop, structure workshop, fiberglass workshop, assembly workshop, electrical   workshop and painting workshop. With more than  1000 workers, Golden Horse produce more than  200 products every year.


Jinma Rides is proud of our achievements. We offer  a wide range of products, and currently enjoy the lion’s  share of the Chinese market. We are the preferred ride  supplier for all major theme parks of China, making us  the No.1 brand of amusement equipment in China. We  also exports rides to Asia, Middle East, Africa, South  America, and are gaining popularity in the global  amusement industry.


Jinma Rides aftersales department specializes in  solving amusement ride problems, offering spare  parts and inspecting old amusement rides for all  Golden Horse customers.

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