In 2017,

"Outstanding contribution award" by China amusement park association

"Two-track roller coaster" won "China amusement product innovation award" of "skyscraper award"


In 2016,

Guangdong May Day labor medal

Amusement industry "culture and creativity award of tourism fair"

Zhongshan "headquarters enterprise talent award"


In 2015,

"Innovation award", "quality award" and "skyscraper award" of Chinese amusement products

China outstanding cultural creativity award

"Development and application of large-scale chute ride" won the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Zhongshan city

Shiqi district headquarters enterprise

Outstanding contribution to industrial enterprises

Party construction promoting the development of advanced enterprises


In 2014,

Jinma Rides production department won national vanguard issued by the China federation of trade unions

Member of Guangdong mechanical engineering society

The "best innovative enterprise" of the most socially responsible enterprise media award in Zhongshan city


In 2013,

Award for outstanding contribution to the economy of the headquarters in 2012

2012 outstanding contribution award for industrial enterprises

2012 annual economic growth outstanding contribution award

2012 advanced award of enterprise party construction for promoting development

Jinma Rides production department was chosen as the pioneer of Guangdong province



In 2012,

The project "key technology and industrialization of large-scale amusement ride" won the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Guangdong province

Project "large screen projection multi-person real-time interactive shooting entertainment system based on infrared sign point recognition" won the second prize of Zhongshan science and technology progress award (the first completion unit)

The project "landscape ferris wheel" won the most creative award of enterprise group in the 6th governor cup industrial design competition Zhongshan league and 2012 Zhongshan industrial design competition

Shiqi district annual enterprise independent innovation award

Annual outstanding contribution award for industrial enterprises in Shiqi district

Shiqi district annual enterprise party building to promote the development of advanced award


In 2011,

General manager Liu Xiwang won the outstanding contribution award for innovative scientific and technological talents in Zhongshan city

The project "key technology and industrialization of large-scale amusement equipment" won the first prize of science and technology progress of Zhongshan city

Our staff won the title of "shiqi district post technical expert" and "Zhongshan post technical expert model"

Won the title of "Guangdong province contract and credit enterprises"

Won the title of "Guangdong games and entertainment key enterprise"

Won the title of top 100 domestic enterprises in Zhongshan city

2011 outstanding enterprise in China animation and game industry



In 2010,

Lin Zezhao deputy general manager won the honor of top ten innovative figures

Chairman Deng Zhiyi was named top 100 employer of Zhongshan city

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