• JINMA Global Projects

    For catching up with the trends of the international market, Jinma Rides steps abroad, expanding the sales to more

  • Jinma Domestic(China) Projects

    As the pioneer of the industry, Jinma owns the biggest market share in China.

  • Vietnam-Muong Thanh Park

    The biggest park in Nghe An province, Vietnam.

  • Uzbekistan-Afsona Land in Namangan

    The fist large amusement park in Uzbekistan

  • South Korea-Gyeongnam Mason Robotland

    Masan Robot Land Amusement Theme Park, in the southern city of Korea, was opened to public successfully on Septemb

  • The Philippines-Anjo World in Cebu

    The best destination of Cebu, Most rides are from Jinma Rides.

  • China-Ferris Wheel GLC-98A

    The biggest Spokeless Ferris Wheel(at that time) in the world!

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