Jinma Rides owns the biggest technical team of amusement industry which is consist of more than 160 professional engineers.Innovation is our advantage, we own 32 invention patents, 37 utility model patents, 25 appearance patents, and 3 software copyright. Every year, more than 10 new products with advanced technologies are put into the market.

Systematic research and development model


According to the creative, planning, R&D and production characteristics of amusement rides, Jinma Rides has formed a comprehensive, systematic and product life cycle "product creativity, planning and R&D mode". At the same time, Jinma Rides formes a dual channel comparative safety verification guarantee mechanism. Different teams  use different methods to verify the safety and reliability of the rides, so as to ensure the safety and find the best solution.



Professional creative, planning and research team


Jinma Rides professional creative R&D team is formed by 160 engineers, including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, Hydraulic & Pneumatic engineers, art designer, film creater, etc., Through CAD secondary development, finite element analysis, Multi-body dynamic simulation, electrical system safety control, online dynamic detection of operating parameters and dual PLC control system , has realized the system integration, series product development and industrialization of large-scale amusement rides.

Mastering the core technology of rides


After years of technical accumulation, Jinma Rides has gradually mastered a number of core technologies of the industry, including: the design of the track based on CAD secondary development, the technology of the scooter track, and the silent control of the amusement facilities, innovative Ferris wheel spindle technology, and screen positioning device for shooting amusement rides are relatively mature in terms of manufacturing process and technical level. Jinma Ride focuses its core competitiveness on the comprehensive service capabilities of customer's customized products such as creativity, planning, research, production, installation and after-sales service.


Personalized and innovative ride facilities


Jinma Rides's product development process adopts a risk analysis method to evaluate the safety risks of the entire life cycle of amusement rides, eliminating and reducing the risks of rides, all reaching domestic leading and international advanced design levels. Through the innovative design of sports innovation, structural innovation and combination innovation, industry-leading animation system integration technology for the animation, film and television integration, Jinma Rides has developed a full range of advanced and innovative amusement rides from Bumper Cars to Roller Coaster.



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