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A Cooperation Framework Signed With Happy Valley Group

A Cooperation Framework Signed With Happy Valley Group


On December 28, senior management from Jinma Rides and Happy Valley witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement between the two companies. 

Happy Valley Group, is OTC‘s cultural tourism arm, one of those early pioneers venturing into China’s theme park industries. Currently it operates a number of popular theme parks in China’s major cities.

Under the framework , Jinma and Happy Valley are to work together to tailor-make amusement products specifically for a high-end market and seek to build a robust development platform for the theme park industry as a whole. They plan to introduce new concepts and technologies into product innovation and development with a specific focus on the park operator’s market positioning and target consumer’s consumption experience. 

 As for the development platform, the two sides vow to respond to state-advocated "Dual Cycle" development model, by promoting amusement product and park upgrading and branding out internationally. They also plan to make full use of Internet, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G technology to create a network for the theme park industry. 

Deng Zhiyi, Chairman of Jinma Rides, pointed out, “we have signed this strategic cooperation framework agreement in the best interest and for benefits of both companies. It will allow us to exploit our respective advantages, carry out deep cooperation in technology innovation for domestic high-end amusement projects, product research and development, park planning and construction, operation management and other fields. Our resources can be pooled together to steer the industry towards a sustainable and healthy development.” 

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