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A Great Day for Masan Robotland, South Korea

A Great Day for Masan Robotland, South Korea


   Masan Robot Land Amusement Park in South Korea is going to have a grand soft opening on August 15. The whole resort covers a total of 1.25 mil. square meters, consisting of theme parks, hotels and other facilities, as well as R&D facilities of robot industry, conference center, robot exhibition hall, robot arena. 

 The theme park zone covers an area of 170,000 square meters and is divided into four areas: Dream, Adventure, Robot and Future. 

    There are 22 amusement rides in the park, among which Jinma Rides has 10 large and middle rides, including Mega Drop ZYT-28A, Chute Ride JL-15T, Carousel-72B, Viking HDC-56A, Mini Drop QWT-12D, Super Swing FY-48B,Twister QQ-16A, Space Shuttle ZK-24A, Tea Cup ZB-36A, Bumper Car PPC-105F. 

    At this stage, all the rides are undergoing commissioning and will be unveiled to visitors from all over the world very soon.

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