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Amusement equipment is updated quickly, why won't bumper cars be eliminated?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-19
Amusement equipment is updated quickly, why won't bumper cars be eliminated?

2021/9/26 2:24:53

Amusement equipment is updated quickly, why won't bumper cars be eliminated?

Economic development has brought about an increase in the demand for amusement equipment, and at the same time, amusement equipment manufacturers have continuously introduced new products to win a larger market. As a representative of bumper car manufacturers, Golden Horse Amusement Equipment has always been developing new bumper cars. The bumper cars on the market include ground net bumper cars, sky net bumper cars and battery bumper cars. Among them, the battery bumper car is a new type of double bumper car that has been widely promoted in recent years due to the advancement of battery technology, while the ground net bumper car is an upgraded version of the Skynet bumper car. As an ancient ground net bumper car, how to use the equipment Hasn't the era of rapid updates been eliminated? Then, let's take a look at Tiandi.com bumper cars with Jinma bumper car manufacturers.

Tiandi.com bumper car, hence the name, is a series of double bumper cars that are connected and driven by two-level circuits of skynet and ground network. It is a classic double bumper car. . Tiandi Bumper Car is referred to as Tiandi Bumper Car, which has the advantages of convenient management, convenient installation, and exciting gameplay.

In terms of management, Skynet bumper cars only need the operator to operate on the main controller to control the operation of the entire venue. Once the power is cut off, Skynet bumper cars can also stop immediately, and the impact distance brought by inertia is about 2~3 Meter, so it is very convenient for the two managers, mainly in line with the number of people at the opening, just control the switch on the controller, and install it at the same time, the ground net is a circuit, and the sky net is another circuit, so the installation requires It is much simpler than Diwang bumper cars, which is why Tiandiwang bumper cars have not been replaced by Diwang bumper cars and Skynet bumper cars. Because in the eyes of many customers who go to temple fairs, time is money. If the installation takes two to three days, it is really a waste, so such customers like to choose Skynet bumper cars. At the same time, coupled with the high voltage and fast speed of Skynet bumper cars, it is also more attractive to passengers.

Jinma Amusement Equipment Factory started to develop from bumper cars. With more than ten years of bumper car manufacturers, they have mastered solid bumper car production technology and quality management experience, and continue to develop new styles and improve details. Now the bumper cars have been upgraded. In version 5.0, many bumper cars on the market cannot be compared in terms of appearance, service life, and other details. Therefore, the price of Jinma's ground grid bumper cars and battery bumper cars is relatively high compared to ordinary bumper cars. Jinma bumper cars do not use inferior materials. , Bumper car FRP purchase piano paint process, anti-collision, anti-scratch, no fading, durable and non-fading, the seat cushion is made of delicate and soft PU leather, the base line is more protective, and it is considerate and durable in all aspects.

Amusement equipment is updated quickly, why won't bumper cars be eliminated? The so-called 'you get what you pay for', Jinma Amusement insists on producing high-quality amusement equipment, and never participates in reducing the quality of amusement equipment in order to obtain orders for amusement equipment, and viciously lowers product prices.
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