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Amusement Park Ride Family Tea Cup Ride ZB-36A

Tea Cup ZB-36A

    This lovely ride consists of one major turntable and three minor ones on which nine cup-styled cabins are mounted. Each cup cabin accommodates 4 persons. Fun and exciting, it is a perfect family ride for park owners.



    This lovely ride consists of one major turntable and three minor turntables on which nine cup-styled cabins are mounted. Each cabin accommodates 4 persons. The ride is able to load up to 36 person in total. 

    This teacup ride integrates 3 types of motions: rotation of the major turntable, spinning of the minor ones, andcabin spinning controlled by passengers using the steering wheel located at the center of the cabin.

    Fun and exciting, it is a perfect family ride for park owners. 

Technical Specification


Drive Power: 13.25KW
Major Turntable: φ 10.5m@ 6.09rpm
MinorTurntable: φ 2.6m@ 9.54rpm
Rotary Diameter: φ 9.9m
Cycle Time: 3min.

Load: 36p

Area: 15m x 13m

Theoretical Hourly Capacity: 450 pph


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