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Common sense for passengers of amusement rides

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-26
Common sense for passengers of amusement rides

2021/9/26 10:41:26

According to national regulations, the regular inspection cycle of in-use amusement facilities is one year. For amusement facilities that have passed the inspection, the quality and technical supervision department will issue an inspection mark and paste it on the eye-catching place of the amusement facilities. Qualified or overdue rides.

When riding the rides, you should pay attention to the following:

Point: When you decide to play a certain ride, please read the 'Instructions to Passengers' or 'Instructions to Ride' and related 'Warning Signs' carefully. The 'Riding Instructions' will inform some very important precautions when riding, and at the same time suggest who should not ride.

The second point: children should be accompanied by their parents, and children are not allowed to ride the amusement facilities alone. Children under the age of 14 should not ride on intense and exciting rides such as roller coasters, pirate ships, space shuttles, and the Brave Wheel.

The third point: Don't grab the ride before it stops, fasten the belt when riding, and check whether it is reliable. When running, please hold the handle or other device with both hands, and the belt cannot be unfastened. During the operation of the amusement facilities, in the event of a power failure or other failure, do not get off the car before the staff notify you, only in the cockpit and wait for emergency rescue.

Point 4: Be careful when riding in racing cars and karts: Do not wear long coats, scarves, long hair or long braids when riding in racing cars or karts, otherwise it is dangerous.

The fifth point: It is strictly forbidden to stand, squat or face down on the slide when playing the water slide; it is forbidden for two people to slide down at the same time or one after the other on the same slide; after entering the water, you should leave quickly to avoid collision.

Point 6: When riding on rotating and rolling facilities, do not extend your hands, arms, feet and other body parts out of the car (car) while the equipment is running, and do not untie the belts or open the pressure bars without authorization. Please be sure to keep the easily-falling items such as glasses, cameras, bags, keys, mobile phones, etc., and do not bring them into the carriage of the amusement facilities. Follow the instructions of the staff, get up and down in order, sit firmly and support, and do not enter the isolation area without authorization.

Seventh point: If there is an unexpected situation during operation, do not panic or move, wait for the rescue of the staff in the original position, and do not untie the belt or open the pressure bar without authorization. After the rides arrive at the station and stop, they should untie the belt and lift the pressure bar under the command, guidance or help of the staff.
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