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Emergency plan for luxury carousel equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-04
Emergency plan for luxury carousel equipment

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As a sweet pastry, the children's consumer market has always been a market that people are vying for. As a new type of industry, luxury carousel parks are gradually being accepted by the market. Many people choose to invest in children's luxury carousel parks. Huge wealth has been harvested. What are the emergency methods for indoor children's playground amusement facilities? The healthy growth of children is a matter of great concern to all of us, but often because of carelessness, children will have accidents while playing. Analyze the emergency plan for amusement facilities accident for franchisees who operate children's parks.

Amusement facilities are carriers that operate in a specific area and carry tourists for amusement. They are generally a combination of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other systems. Like all mechanical and electrical products, they may fail. When a failure occurs, tourists will panic and suffer. sleepovers and other dangerous accidents.

1. Emergency measures.

Personal accidents of customers or employees in the store, including accidental injury, carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock, sudden syncope, shock and other events caused by personal health problems. When encountering such a situation, we recommend taking the following measures:

(1) At ordinary times, pay attention to training employees to learn first aid skills such as CPR (artificial cardiopulmonary resuscitation), so as to prevent quick responses in case of accidents.

(2) To deal with customers falling and bruises on the venue, management personnel need time to come forward, and follow the policy of first treatment and then treatment; customers who are bleeding and injured due to the in-store facilities should be sent to the hospital as soon as possible, and compensated according to the actual situation.

(3) When the guest faints due to sudden heart attack, heat stroke, drug use, excessive fatigue, etc., it takes time to dial 120. If you do not have professional skills, please do not blindly rescue the patient; the patient must lie down first , do not move or elevate the neck, this will hinder breathing.

2. Common faults of amusement facilities such as luxury carousel (1) sudden shutdown; (2) mechanical breakage; (3) high-altitude fall.

3. Reasons and prevention of equipment failures such as luxury carousel.

(1) Amusement facilities are mostly composed of several systems, and the reasons for the failure are very complicated, most of which are caused by improper maintenance or untimely maintenance. Therefore, the prevention of failure focuses on strengthening daily maintenance and regular inspection and testing.

(2) When playing the slide, the baby must wear a coat and pants that fit the size, so as not to lose balance and fall from a high place due to the heavy clothes.

(3) Try not to wear the hat that comes with the coat for the baby, and don't tie a scarf that is too long, so as not to block the baby's sight and cause strangulation or sprain.

Before entering the playground, you should carefully read the signs at the entrance and the instructions for the use of luxury carousel and other facilities. Some playgrounds prohibit children who are too young or undersized from entering, and parents* abide by them.
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