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Two more Motion Dark Rides are under Construction!

Two more Motion Dark Rides are under Construction!


    Jinma Rides keeps ramping up R & D in immersive attractions that  integrate the ride system with various effects including lights, sounds, wind and animation to replay a story in the most vivid way. Motion Dark Ride adopts innovative six degree of freedom dynamic platform to take passengers through the dynamic cabin to shuttle through different story scenes composed of theme landscape, high-definition film, machine model, sound effect, etc. It is definitely an excellent experiential ride attractions with high immersion


    Jinma has supplied three Motion Dark Rides for domestic clients. One was delivered in SunacLand Wuxi in 2019 and the other two will make their debut in the near futureone will be open to the public in Xian at the end of this year while another will be put into operation in Taian in 2023.

    Motion Dark Ride manifests different characteristics

Ø6DOF Motion Platform


Ø360° Rotation Cabin


ØMultiple Screens Combination


Ø3D HD Film

    Beyond that, Jinma develops plenty of immersive and dark attractions. Keep staying tuned to Jinma Rides for more!

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