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Foundation Stone Laid for a Grand Industrial Park

Foundation Stone Laid for a Grand Industrial Park


On November 9 ,2021, Jinma top management laid the foundation stone at the site for the construction of grand industrial park.  The  park is named  Jinma  Digital  Tourism  Industrial  Park, built  to provide  first rate  facilities  for  the  development and production of digital products catering to the cultural tourism industry.    


The park project is planned to be laid out on an area of 4.3 hectares and will be built in two phases. In phase one, Jinma envisions a high-rise office building, a world-leading R&D center, a super-larde digital factor and an advanced   experience  center  for   virtual   immersive  amusement  rides.  We will  see  a  modern  digitalized  production  base  that   incorporates tech  innovation,  intelligent   manufacturing,  a world-class display  and   experience  center  once  Phase  One is completed. 

                                                                                        Jinma' new heaquarter concept

   When the new base is built to completion, Jinma will input its immersive business sector to exploit the sub- market which  has  been witnessing  fast  growth in recent years. This new base will also be home to Jinma's headquarters.

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