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Guangdong Children's Amusement Equipment Factory teaches you how to regulate the operation of indoor children's amusement parks?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-05
Guangdong Children's Amusement Equipment Factory teaches you how to regulate the operation of indoor children's amusement parks?

2021/9/24 10:21:27

With the rise of the children's industry, the number of indoor children's amusement parks is showing a blowout. At this time, the establishment of certain norms for indoor children's parks can not only make the operation of the park more standardized, but also ensure that children are in the process of playing. So, how to operate the indoor children's amusement park to standardize it?

First of all, compared to the outdoor children's playground, the indoor playground area is not so large, so there are more restrictions. In fact, it is very important to do a good job in the operation of the indoor children's playground. First of all, we must have an understanding of the main structure of the indoor children's playground, do a good job in all aspects, and standardize the operation of the indoor children's playground equipment.

In terms of venues, because children's indoor play equipment is mainly produced indoors, there are many more restrictions than open areas outside, such as floor height restrictions, so the total height of the equipment should be suitable for being placed indoors. The other is noise limitation. When the product has an echo in the room, it also has high requirements for noise control. In addition, there are protection and important fire protection settings, so operators must complete all kinds of things before operating an indoor children's amusement park to avoid unnecessary troubles; at the same time, they must eliminate hidden dangers, so as to ensure the safety of children.

So, what should be paid attention to for some typical indoor children's play equipment?

1. The height of the children's naughty castle is generally set at about 2.6~2.8 meters, and the operator can customize it according to the floor height and the shape of the venue. The Naughty Castle has no electricity, so you don't need to worry about the problem of the circuit; as for the protection, it mainly relies on the soft sponge tube and the protective net to complete. In general, the Naughty Castle needs to design an escape door in addition to the main entrance to prevent fire, and also Fire extinguishers and water sources should be equipped with fire prevention facilities; in addition, there must be special staff to take care of the children when they are playing, so that the children will be protected.

2. Track trains and rotating airplanes are also suitable for indoor placement. Although the noise is relatively noisy, the noise problem can be reasonably solved by technical means. In addition, the design specifications of children's indoor play equipment are mainly determined according to the specific indoor conditions, and different operators plan differently. It mainly depends on the layout of the venue, but it is necessary to ensure that children have enough space for activities and can play.

3. The carousel is also one of the indoor amusement equipment that children like. The main requirement of a customized indoor carousel is the height limit. Compared with the outdoor carousel, the space saving of the carousel is reflected in the top decoration and rain shelter. At this time, the weight of the carousel and the bearing capacity of the floor are also part of the consideration, but the fire protection part of the open carousel is relatively easy to solve.

Operating an indoor children's playground is undoubtedly a suitable project for current investors. It can be said that it is a sunrise industry that is currently developing. However, for operators who are in contact with the amusement equipment industry for the first time, they must be familiar with the principles of indoor children's playgrounds before operating, and they can make long-term profits and bring career and wealth under the guaranteed conditions.
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