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Indoor children's play equipment must be inspected before use

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-10
Placement of safety signs. For indoor children's amusement facilities with a height of more than two meters in the passenger cabin and a horizontal running speed of more than two meters per second, they are special equipment and must be inspected every year before they can be used. . In addition, the precautions and other information should be clearly stated so that tourists can understand before riding.
Cleaning and sanitation of indoor children's amusement facilities, including site sanitation, equipment cleaning and disinfection. Only the sanitation of the equipment can allow tourists to ride with confidence. No one is willing to stay in a messy place. This can improve the goodwill and trust of tourists, attract more tourists to consume, and bring about higher profits.
Daily maintenance of indoor children's playground equipment. Daily maintenance includes checking the working condition of the mechanical operation part of the equipment, checking the validity period of consumer equipment, whether there is abnormality and noise during operation, fixing screws and adding lubricating oil, etc. These daily maintenance of indoor children's amusement facilities are very important. Many hidden faults can be found during daily maintenance. Early detection and timely elimination of hidden dangers can reduce the accident rate and improve the sense of safety of tourists.
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