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Is playground equipment expensive?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-26
Is playground equipment expensive?

2021/9/22 5:15:50

Is the price of playground equipment expensive? It varies from person to person, and it depends on the mentality! The needs of some investors to buy playground equipment are: the quality of the equipment is better, the manufacturer should have after-sales service, and the manufacturer should have high-quality staff. While some investors buy playground equipment, it depends on the price.

Is playground equipment expensive?

The price of playground equipment is determined in a comprehensive manner, such as: equipment materials, employee compensation, etc. As we all know, the price of a good village will be expensive. Take the equipment motor as an example. All the playground equipment motors under Golden Horse Amusement are certified products, the quality is obvious to all, and the service life will be longer in comparison.

Now the better skilled workers have higher salaries. In order to ensure their own reputation and protect the interests of customers, the technical workers and installation workers of Golden Horse Amusement are high-quality and responsible talents.

Simply enumerating these two aspects can explain the problem of whether playground equipment is expensive or not. Of course, it is up to the investor to decide which equipment or manufacturer to choose.

Is playground equipment expensive?

But Jinma Xiaobian hereby reminds everyone that when buying amusement equipment, aside from the superficial and important issue of 'price', the key point of quality is certain. Don't be attracted by the flashy appearance because of the low price of some amusement equipment. And fall into the misunderstanding of choosing amusement equipment, buy three non-standard products with 'irregular materials', 'no process control' and 'no dedicated after-sales service'.

Jinma Amusement adheres to the business philosophy of 'people-oriented' and unremittingly implements it into product design, production and after-sales service.
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