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Is the price of large amusement equipment the standard to distinguish the quality of amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-24
Is the price of large amusement equipment the standard to distinguish the quality of amusement equipment?

2022/3/2 9:12:57

Enjoying the happiness brought by various entertainment and leisure activities has become an indispensable part of everyone's life today. On the basis of the stable development of the current market economy, many operators will still pay a lot of investment costs in the process of investment. , so the price of large-scale amusement facilities has also become one of the contents of everyone.

For most amusement park operators, investors who mention large-scale amusement equipment must think of 'expensive', but for tourists, large-scale amusement projects are often more thrilling, challenging, exciting and interesting, and make tourists more attractive. Excited, the strong demand in the market has made large-scale amusement projects a hot commodity in playgrounds and major parks. Although its operating cost and up-front investment are relatively high, it still has investment advantages for investors.

If a place establishes a large-scale landmark amusement project, it can drive the popularity and atmosphere of the entire amusement park. In view of the above reasons, even if the price of large-scale amusement equipment is very high, there are still many amusement park operators who spend a lot of money to purchase large-scale amusement equipment. However, do you know why large amusement equipment can be sold at such a high price? There are three main reasons:

1. Due to the large area of ​​large-scale amusement projects, only in terms of production raw materials, it needs to use a relatively large number of glass fiber reinforced plastics and steel materials, which shows that the cost of raw materials for production of small amusement equipment is relatively large. On the other hand, the manufacturing process of large amusement equipment is relatively high, so its price is naturally higher than that of small amusement equipment.

2. Generally speaking, large-scale projects need to be inspected by national departments, and can only be produced and sold after obtaining the corresponding qualifications. The cost of large-scale amusement projects must take into account a series of certificate issues, which is also the key to affecting the manufacturer's sales price. some of the important expenses.

3. It consumes a lot of materials during operation. The power and size of large-scale amusement projects are larger, so they consume more electricity when running. On the other hand, large-scale amusement equipment occupies a considerable area of ​​the playground, which leads to the need to lease a larger venue during operation, which means that the rent of the venue will be larger.
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