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Jinma Ride's Planning for a Regional Base

Jinma Ride's Planning for a Regional Base


Jinma Rides plans to expand its production capacity further as it is seeking to set up a regional headquarters in Wuhan, Central China. In early May, Jinma Rides signed an investment framework agreement with Wuhan district government and an construction company. In June, they inked a District Entry Agreement. Under the agreement, hundreds of millions of Chinese Yuan is expected to be spent on the construction of a new production base. The want-list is long. It includes advanced production facilities, a R & D center, entertainment facility production workshops, a VR smart manufacturing area, a R &D test base, to name just a few. The planned land use for all those constructions comes to approximately 13 hectares. 

 Wuhan, sitting at the very heart of China, has long been a major collection and distribution point for goods from/to other regions in China. Taking account of Wuhan’s geographic advantage and abundant human resources, this move is widely seen as a strategy by Jinma Rides to enhance its presence across all regions in China and further infiltrate various markets. 

Currently, all of Jinma’s domestic production bases and subsidiaries are located in the China’s southern region. The new base and businesses will be operated and managed by Wuhan Jinma Amusement Co., Ltd, a newly incorporated subsidiary owned by Jinma Rides.

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