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Jinma Rides Special Event

Jinma Rides Special Event


On October 10th, Jinma Rides new products launch was grandly held in  Zhongshan Expo Center. 

In his opening speech, chairman Dengzhiyi said that this is the first new product launch held by Jinma Rides. It is  not only a new marketing measure, but also a new attempt to communicate and serve customers better. 

Jinma Rides New products.jpg

                                                                         (Deng zhiyi, Chairman of Jinma Rides)

To this end, based on the study of tourist amusement rides experience and clients operation needs, Jinma Rides   has successively released five innovative products to ensure that the R&D direction is in line with the market development trend. 

Jinma Rides' s LSM coaster won the "Innovative Amusement Rides of Indoor Park" award. 



                                                               (Guests attending in the Jinma Rides special event)

As a pioneer in the industry, Jinma will continue to enhance cultural creativity and high-end manufacturing capabilities in the future.

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