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Amusement Park Junior Coaster Family Roller Coasters KSC-12A


Junior Coaster KSC-12A

The Junior Coaster KSC-12A is a latest children coaster designed by Jinma. In the form of friction drive, it makes the vehicle slide on the track with moderate track fluctuation and speed, which is especially suitable for children. 


Ride Description

      The Junior Coaster KSC-12A is a latest children roller coaster designed and manufactured by Jinma Company.
         It is an amusement machine that slides on a dedicated overhead track. It uses the form of friction drive to make the vehicle slide on the track, the track undulation level and the speed of the vehicle are moderate, and it is particularly suitable for children. The whole machine is strictly inspected to meet the professional standards before leaving the factory, with high reliability and excellent performance. This machine occupies a small area, and the rail platform adopts a combined structure, which is light and reliable, and can be quickly disassembled. It is an amusement attraction suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Technical Specification

Power Supply: 3N+PE 380/220V

Installed Capacity: 43kVA

Track Height: 3.9m

Track Length: 78m

Running Speed: 23km/h

Load: 12p

Area: 25.5m×15.5m

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