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Mine Coaster Amusement Roller Coaster KSC-26D(B)

Ride Description


     This coaster delivers families and loved ones a merry ride experience on a journey that is meant to enchant and amaze all the way along.  
    750 meter-long track is designed with two lifts and a number of fun elements including sharp curves, deep dives, rolls etc. With a velocity max at 46km/h, this coaster gives passengers adequate time and un-diverted attention to actually enjoy the sceneries along the journey.
     Thrill is there all the way along the track. With the supplement of elaborate landscaping and theming, passengers may find themselves charging into an abandoned mine tunnel, snaking through rock formations or hustling through twigs and leaves of a woodland...  



Technical Specification


Installed Capacity: 350kVA

Track Height: 15.4m

Track Length: 750m+20m

Max. Speed: 48km/h


Lift no.: 2

Load: 26px

Area: 86mx74m

Theoretical Hourly Capacity: 1040 pph

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