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Interview with Golden Horse's Chairman-Mr. Deng

Recently, the chairman of the company, Deng Zhiyi, accepted an interview with a reporter from Xinhua News Agency. On May 26, Xinhua News Agency published a report on R&D, strengthening and activating new kinetic energy, and grasping the new era of opportunity and wave-taking from the perspective of enterprise R&D. According to the report, “With continuous innovation and long-term accumulation in the field of large-scale amusement equipment, in December 2018, Golden Horse became one of the few listed companies in the amusement equipment manufacturing industry.”

In an interview, Chairman Deng Zhiyi said, "Today's achievements come from continuous research and development innovation and strict control of product quality and safety." In the future, the company will continue to make progress in the journey of high quality development.

Here below is the link of the interview:

August 5, 2019