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This is a coaster for friends and Family. A medium-size coaster ride, KSC-16A is designed for passengers from all age groups, particularly for the younger ones.

ItemJinma Rides
Installed Capacity160kVA
Track Height9.6m
Track Length265m+20m (Repairing Track)
Mini. Turning Radius5m
Max. Run Speed38km/h
Train Quantity2pcs
Passenger    Load 16 riders/train
Theory Hour CapacityTwo train 800riders/hour
Note: Parameters subject to change without notice.

With a simple and moderate track trajectory within a 48mx41m footprint, this family coaster is able to give the passengers a taste of saturated excitement of riding a roller coaster, get them addicted and crave for a notch up.  

It is a fantastic coaster that comes with two trains. The delicately designed train is capable of seating up to 16 passengers and handling around 800 passengers per hour. The two-seat configuration makes it easy for the parents to keep an eye on the younger ones. Each seat is designed with the individual lap bar to secure the passenger in place. It is a fun coaster with low maintenance and easy to operate.  

If your park is family-oriented, you may consider having one of these coasters installed to give the whole family an experience of maximum excitement.


Owns 116+ patents


Has designed and installed 320+ roller coasters globally


Fabricates 350+ attractions annually

Global Market
Develops and engineers rides in China, Europe, and USA;

Manufacturing Ability

Owns three productions bases, and state-of-art manufacturing facility 150,000+ sqms, engineers 200+, employees 1000+;

Quality Assurance

Develops rides under GB8408, EN13814, and ASTM-F24 upon request; and all rides and creations are ready for TÜV or equivalent certifications;

Investor Relations

Listed in the stock-exchange market in 2018, the only public company in amusement rides design and manufacture in China;

Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: For standard rides in the catalogue, the delivery time is 6-8 months; For customized rides, it would takes 2 more months for changing design.


Q: Who will construct the foundation of the rides?

A: The buyer will contruct the foundation according to the foundtation condition drawings Jinma Rides provided.


Q: How do you ensure the quality of your rides?

A: We have complete quality control system certified by TUV Nord which is higher than the industrial standards(GB/EN/ASTM) from design to installation. 


For more details, please kindly contact us.

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