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Racing Coaster KSC-16I

Racing Coaster KSC-16I

      This coaster delivers families and loved ones a merry ride experience on a journey that is meant to enchant and amaze all the way along.  

    Thrill is there all the way along the track. With the supplement of elaborate landscaping and theming, passengers may find themselves charging into an abandoned mine tunnel, snaking through rock formations or hustling through twigs and leaves of a woodland...    

Ride Description

     KSC-16I double track family roller coaster is a double track amusement ride. Two tracks (line a and line B) are arranged alternately. One train runs on each track, and two trains start at the same time, which is like a speed race. Therefore, the project is also called "tortoise rabbit race". 



Technical Specification


Track Height: 13.6m

Track Length: 315mx2

Max. Speed: 38km/h

Load: 16px2

Area: 55mx95m


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