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Suspended Roller Coaster XGC-16B


Suspended Roller Coaster XGC-16B

      The 16-passenger themed train is suspended below the track, offering passengers a completely different experience to riding a sit-down rollercoaster.  All passengers secured on board are chain-lifted along the lift hill up to 21 meters high from where they are about to experience the overwhelming sensations that this ride journey will bring. Under gravity, the train dips and dives, twists and rolls, inverses and spirals, performing all heart-pounding moves throughout its trajectory.  

Ride Description


    The Suspended Coaster XGC-16B is one of our thrilling roller coasters for major amusement parks. Covering an area of approximately 3.5 hectares, the 16-passenger themed train is suspended below the track and offers passengers a completely different experience to riding a sit-down rollercoaster.
    Sixteen daring passengers are secured on board and lifted by chains along the lift's slope to a 20-metre-high launch pad, where visitors will experience sensory thrills like never before. Be prepared to scream for the rest of the ride. The inverted coaster swoops, twists and rolls, reverses and spirals under the force of gravity, performing all the heart-stopping tricks throughout the track. Capable of entertaining around 480 visitors per hour, this thrilling rollercoaster can be a major attraction and money maker for any park owner.

Technical Specification


Power Supply: 3N+PE 380/220V 50Hz

Installed Capacity: 160kVA

Lifting Power: 130kW

Track Height: 20.5m

Track Length: 377m




Max. Speed: 63km/h

Train No.: 1pc

Load: 16p/train

Area: 80mx39m

Theoretical Hourly Capacity:  480 pph


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