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What are the main differences in the quotation of children's amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-07

The quotation of children's amusement equipment is one of the basic factors that investors need to consider when rotating suitable amusement equipment. Too high a price will increase budget and investment costs, and too low a price will worry about the quality of children's amusement equipment. So, in the face of the different quotations of various children's amusement equipment manufacturers, how to choose the right children's amusement equipment? What are the main differences in the quotations of children's amusement equipment? As a manufacturer of production source, Shentong Amusement is combined with many years of industry experience. The analysis is as follows for you.
   Children's amusement equipment quotation difference factors 1. Material
  Good children's amusement equipment should choose genuine high-standard materials, and the cost of these materials is high, and the price of the finished children's amusement equipment will be significantly higher. For example, the steel thickness and thickness of children's amusement equipment, the material is thick, the material of good material is undoubtedly better in quality, but the cost is also higher. The exterior paint is also different. For example, the car epoxy paint used by the child prodigy amusement is a better paint, the price is higher, and the cost will naturally be higher.
  Children's amusement equipment quotation difference factors 2. Production process
   Take the glass fiber reinforced plastic parts of children's amusement equipment as an example. In the process of making blanks, some use natural drying, and some use drying in pursuit of efficiency. The drying output is relatively high, but due to the short molding cycle and comprehensive quality It is better than natural drying. In the polishing and finishing process after billet making, some manufacturers have fine workmanship, and one worker can grind one or two in a shift, while some manufacturers grind three or four a day by one worker, so the precision of the polishing cannot be the same.
   Children's amusement equipment quotation difference factors 3. Brand effect
  The big brand is baptized by industry precipitation, its comprehensive strength is good, the reputation is good, it is easy to reassure people, the products are easy to sell and use, the customer experience is good, the natural quotation is easy to rise, the role of the brand effect is also the quotation One of the different factors. Shentong Amusement is a brand that has been accumulated in the industry for many years, with quality assurance and good reputation, but it has always insisted on selling directly from manufacturers. The products are sold at home and abroad and are well received by customers.
   Children's amusement equipment quotation difference factors four, after-sales service
   Long-term manufacturers pay attention to brand image. The after-sales service of children's amusement equipment is very complete and the quality is also very good. Therefore, the price of children's playground equipment will be relatively higher; and some manufacturers who only care about immediate benefits do not pay enough attention to after-sales service , The service quality is poor, although the temporary price of children's amusement equipment is low, but for investors, the future operation and after-sales lack of guarantee.
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