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What are the standards for the metal structure of the amusement equipment factory?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-22
What are the standards for the metal structure of the amusement equipment factory?

2021/9/24 3:30:43

There are a lot of park amusement equipment now, so what are the requirements for the metal structure of the amusement equipment?
Park amusement equipment is used for business purposes, carrying passengers to play equipment. If amusement equipment manufacturers want to seize the mainstream of the market, they must pay attention to the quality, freshness and passenger experience of amusement equipment. In the production process of these amusement equipment, the quality of materials The choice is very important, especially the mechanical amusement equipment, which has relatively high requirements on the metal structure, so as to ensure that the amusement equipment remains stable and stable during operation.

Metal structure requirements for park amusement equipment:
1. The coating of the metal structure should meet the standard of rust release
2. The corrosion depth of the stressed metal structure should be less than 15% of the thickness of the prototype steel

3. The wear amount of the section steel track should be less than 20% of the element thickness size, and the wear amount of the round tube track should be less than 15% of the original thickness size.

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