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What are the tips for carousel installation?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-02
What are the tips for carousel installation?

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Carousel is a very common amusement equipment in Henan amusement equipment manufacturers. It can usually be seen in major parks and playgrounds. It is the most popular amusement equipment. But what should you pay attention to when installing? Many people who have not been in contact with this industry do not know how to install to save their worry and effort.

The first is to install the center base and rail.

This step is the most important. Before installation, you must have a certain understanding of the site and then start the installation. For users with relatively large site limitations, you must find the center point, so that you can install in a limited space. The trick to finding the center point is very simple. The tools you need are a tape measure and a rope of several meters long. First, determine the overall diameter of the carousel of the amusement equipment to be installed, and then use the tape measure to measure the rope to mark a radius.

For example: a set of 12 carousel horses, the overall diameter is 5 meters, just measure a 2.5 meters long rope and mark it. Then one person stands near the assumed center point of the field and fixes one end of the rope, and the other person picks up the other end of the rope and pulls a circle. When it is beyond the scope of the field, find another assumed center point. When it does not exceed the scope of the field, this The center point is valid. After marking, place the center base in this position. Then the next step is to fix the rail rod and install the rail. At this point, the base and rail parts are installed.

Second, install the disk.

There is also a trick here, you don't need to install all the disks first. First, install the rectangular disk with tires according to the label. After fixing with screws, you can push the disk to rotate to observe whether the tires are running on the track for irregularities, and then install the motor drive belt or chain. At this time, you can turn on the power and start it to test the operation. If there is a fault, you can quickly find the fault point and solve it. There is no need to disassemble the fan-shaped disk, saving time and improving installation efficiency.

3. Install the central column, upper roof, cornices, lighting and decoration.

What needs to be noted here is that if it is a luxury carousel from Henan amusement equipment manufacturer, if there is a solid board or photo decoration on the lower top part, it should be fixed on each lower top frame before installation, because the frame will be completely installed before Installing trim can be very difficult. The electrical equipment on the top part only has lights. You can connect all the lights in series and connect them to the conductive ring or transformer of the corresponding voltage. After installation, you must carefully check whether the connection of the line is correct to avoid short-circuit causes. equipment failure.
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