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What is the development trend of new children's amusement and entertainment equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2021-12-31

   amusement equipment has always been very popular. In recent years, the development of outdoor amusement equipment trends has increasingly needed to be updated. What is the development trend of new children's amusement and entertainment equipment?
  1. Cost-effectiveness: The popular explanation is that the more cost-effective equipment the same price can meet the number of tourists. Whether a company is buying a product or a manufacturer developing a product, it should be more cost-effective. Cost-effective products can bring a more lively atmosphere to the venue, and can also become products with a longer service life for manufacturers. For example, in the category of coconut trees, in the electric rotating equipment, the product has been used for a long time, so it can be said that the venue is indispensable. The key is that the product has always been ahead of other similar products in terms of technological maturity and cost performance.

   2. Parent-child sports: This concept is rarely mentioned at present. Nowadays, the situation of 'children playing in paradise, parents playing mobile phones' has become a common phenomenon. Although there are 'parent-child paradise' and 'parent-child equipment' everywhere, it has not really achieved the effect of parent-child. As a result, there has been a demand for parent-child sports products. Such products require cooperation between manufacturers and merchants. First, manufacturers need to provide entertainment equipment that parents and children can use at the same time. It must have a competitive element so that companies can use equipment to organize competitions. Secondly, companies should design related game activities to allow parents and children to interact with each other and family to family, and provide certain prizes and gifts. This kind of competition can make companies welcome and increase customer retention, because children and parents can get more happiness in the competition game. Even if the value is not high, with the parents, the happiness that the children get together with the prizes obtained through the competition will be the most precious memory. At the same time, parents can experience the surprise of their children's growth when playing games with their children, and they can learn about their children and help them grow through interaction. This is the form that a true parent-child paradise should have. We believe that through the efforts of the entire industry, various competitive software products will appear in the future.
  3. Themed equipment: Children are always the main consumers of animation products. In the future, more animation, film and television elements will penetrate into heaven. Children can see familiar objects in the cartoon, become real, visible, touch and even move and play. Let the children walk into the cartoon scene. At present, in the park amusement industry, representative and representative cartoon images have been made into park equipment, such as the pirate ship, SpongeBob’s pineapple house, and even Doraemon’s space-time drawer. I believe that more cartoon elements will enter the park equipment in the future.
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