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What principles need to be followed in the design of children's play equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-09
What principles need to be followed in the design of children's play equipment?

2021/9/25 8:54:42

There are more and more types of children's amusement equipment, and there are all kinds of them. There are disputes in some places, good and bad. Maybe some amusement equipment manufacturers do not care about the quality of the equipment for the sake of fashionable style, so amusement equipment manufacturers If you want long-term development, you need to follow principles when designing, so what principles should be followed?

The principle of sex

The choice of venue for children's activities should be as far away as possible from roadways and public places where the surrounding environment is more cluttered and people are more mobile. Secondly, we must also pay attention to the nature of the activity equipment and the detail design of children's amusement equipment. If there are no dangerous protrusions, sharp edges to avoid accidental injury when children play.

2. The principle of child-centredness
The design of various activity spaces of children's amusement equipment and the layout of game facilities should conform to the physical characteristics and activity scale of children's groups.

Three, the principle of entertaining

Considering the diversity of children's activities, the design should pay attention to the participation, diversity, knowledge and fun of children's play equipment. Create a relaxing, natural and fully functional activity place for children, allowing children to increase their knowledge during play.

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