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What problems should be paid attention to when using large amusement equipment facilities

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-13
What problems should be paid attention to when using large amusement equipment facilities

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Nowadays, there are playgrounds in many places, and both adults and children can play. However, in addition to your own safety, there are still many precautions when playing large-scale amusement equipment in the playground, so everyone should take a good look at the above knowledge.

1. Large-scale amusement equipment must have the 'Safety Inspection Certificate' issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine before it can be put into use, in accordance with national regulations. At the same time, operators are required to wear a qualification certificate with them during working hours. Before taking the large amusement equipment, consumers should first observe whether there is an inspection certificate issued by the supervision and inspection department in a conspicuous position. It is best not to ride and play without an inspection certificate or if the validity period is exceeded. In addition, it is also necessary to observe whether the safety management of the operation and use units of the amusement facilities is standardized. If unnecessary instructions and warning signs are found around the facilities, the site is cluttered and crowded, the management and operators leave without permission, and the protective devices are incomplete. The internal management of the venue is chaotic, the amusement equipment is very likely to have serious hidden dangers, and accidents may occur at any time. It's a good idea to check that the playground or park has these conditions.

2. Before choosing to ride the amusement equipment, you must ride according to the regulations. When riding the amusement facilities, if you find that the amusement facilities have abnormal sound, smell, shaking, shaking, etc., you should leave the equipment in time and inform the equipment management personnel. Citizens should improve their own safety awareness. When playing in the amusement park, if the amusement facilities are out of service and other failures are trapped in the air or in the cockpit, do not panic or move, and do not try to take dangerous actions such as jumping from the air. Follow the instructions of the on-site staff and wait patiently for rescuers. Generally speaking, amusement equipment has relatively complete safety maintenance devices, and operating units also have relatively safe and effective emergency rescue measures. Visitors can patiently wait for the rescue of the operating unit.

3. Pay attention to the instructions and warning signs, and read the instructions for tourists carefully when playing. Follow the instructions of the management staff; fasten the seat belt, fasten the locking device during the game, and observe whether the safety pressure bar is pressed well. Do not climb over the railings or cross the cordon at will, and pay special attention to your children. Do not get on or off the amusement equipment until the facility has come to a complete stop.

4. Pregnant women, heavy drinkers or those suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, high blood pressure, neck, back diseases or physical discomfort, those who do not meet the standard height or age, are not allowed to ride the amusement facilities. When riding the amusement equipment, please do not smoke or carry or eat any food or drink, and please do not ride the outdoor amusement equipment when the weather is bad (such as strong wind, heavy rain, lightning or thunder).

The above summary of the precautions for the use of large-scale amusement equipment and facilities, I don't know what knowledge you have written after reading it. In fact, this knowledge is of great help to many adults and children, so take a good look at it.
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