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What should be done with children's play equipment every day

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-17
For some children's amusement equipment, the daily maintenance of playground equipment is very important, because people from all over the country come to play every day, which will put a burden on children's amusement equipment. So, in the face of people from all over the country playing, what daily maintenance should we do as children's amusement facilities?

1, the detection of core components, there are some core components in general playground equipment, then we must basically keep the core components to avoid other things, such as rotating bearings , Connecting rod cylinders, etc. need to be inspected regularly. These are frequent problems, so it is necessary to maintain in time;

2. Check the power supply system. The power supply system of each children’s amusement device will be different. But it has similar characteristics. As long as it can master the circuit mode, other conditions will have similar conditions, so long-term testing is necessary.

3, other accessories testing, there will be many related safety devices on the playground equipment, these loosening will bring hidden dangers to the equipment, so these parts must be maintained and overhauled frequently ;

Before introducing this issue, we must first roughly understand the types of children's amusement facilities. We need to know that there are a lot of amusement equipment, their size, shape and operation method are very different. Amusement equipment can be divided into: revolving horse amusement equipment, self-controlled airplanes, small trains, water amusement facilities, bumper cars, etc. The manufacturers of children's amusement facilities will always remind and cooperate with the investment operators' work, and these daily maintenance hope to be understood and paid attention to.
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