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What should I pay attention to when taking children in a double bumper car

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-05
What should I pay attention to when taking children in a double bumper car

2021/9/26 2:30:06

At present, no bumper cars are unpopular amusement equipment in the market. They can be called amusement equipment and are very popular with investors. Therefore, in many playgrounds, the ground rent of bumper cars is even higher than that of other equipment that occupies a larger area than him. It is even more expensive, because the ground network judges that the profit effect is indeed very gratifying. At the same time, as a bumper car manufacturer, Jinma also knows that another reason for the popularity of bumper cars on the ground network is because its target customer group is relatively large, adults and children can play, and it uses double bumper cars. As for the operator, what should be paid attention to when taking children in bumper cars?

The ground net bumper car is a two-person bumper car, which is specially designed for parents, children and companions. Therefore, try not to let children ride the bumper cars alone. Adults and children ride with them, and let the children control the bumper cars and sit on their own. Spending a happy time with the children next to them can not only protect the children, but also not make them timid, and increase the fun of collisions.

Secondly, try to avoid the peak season. If you take your child to ride the double bumper car during the peak period, you will not only need to queue for a long time, but when the child walks from the empty double bumper car, the child will be afraid of many people. Therefore, if the child is The second time I took a double bumper car, I tried to play at different peaks, not only without queuing, but also allowing the children to calm down and learn quickly.

Furthermore, when you go to take the bumper car on the ground net, the Golden Horse bumper car manufacturer recommends going to the playground to play. Before playing, you need to check the certificate displayed outside the bumper car venue, and then confirm that there is no problem with the venue before taking your children to play, which will cause inconvenience. necessary risk. Bumper cars produced by regular bumper car manufacturers will post a certificate of conformity outside the venue, so parents need to pay attention to this.

Afterwards, let the children use their hands and brains more, and cultivate the children's mobility. Many parents operate the children when they participate in the bumper cars. They just sit in the middle and watch, and do not really participate in the game. The children should be allowed to drive by themselves. Whether it is the accelerator, the steering wheel, or the direction of the installation, let the children try it out for themselves and experience it attentively.
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