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What should you pay attention to when buying a trackless train

by:Jinma Rides     2021-12-29

The trackless train is a kind of sightseeing train that gets rid of the constraints of relying on track operation. This advantage makes it more useful in the scope of application and easier to adapt to various complex site environments, so it is deeply loved by the market. Welcome. So what should users pay attention to when purchasing a trackless train? The editor and everyone will discuss the aspects that should be paid attention to.
  1. Venue requirements
  Why should we consider venue requirements first? Before purchasing, you must fully investigate the basic conditions of the site, the flow of people, and the road conditions, and then plan the driving route. The driving route must choose a road with good road conditions, suitable slopes, and no safety hazards.
  2. Positioning products
   According to the first site survey, select the required products. Choose large or medium-sized trackless trains with a large number of passengers for wide roads and large flow of people. Otherwise, choose small ones; choose fuel-fueled trackless trains with independent brakes for large slopes. Is a better choice.
  3. Product quality
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