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What to look out for when opening a park in a mall

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-20
What to look out for when opening a park in a mall

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In China, the children's entertainment industry is developing rapidly. More and more entrepreneurs choose the children's game industry. However, many entrepreneurs are not very clear about investing in this piece. Next, Shanghai Kangkang will first talk about the flow of people. There are four issues to pay attention to when opening a children's amusement park in a large shopping mall for your reference!

1. Preparation before entering

It is generally difficult to settle in a mall, but there is no solution. Therefore, negotiating with mall leases must clarify the value points they can bring to the mall. After all, malls need more popularity to do business. this is very important.

Secondly, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the price of the rental in the mall, to determine whether the rental is profitable, and whether the mall has any customer groups.

Second, choose the business location

Children's playground is mainly for children to play, so parents and shopping mall managers attach great importance to safety and fire prevention, so generally do not choose the venue on the first or third floor.

And the location should also mainly focus on the nature of other stores, for example, it is better to be near children's clothing, because the children's amusement park is relatively large, so the opportunity on this floor will be defined by the mall as a children's game on the comprehensive floor, so a lot of traffic Will come in and parents will think the combined experience of gaming and shopping is good and will continue next time.

Three. Sign a contract with the mall

Before signing the contract, you must mainly meet the following issues: Before signing the contract, decoration period, rent-free period, rent-free period, area measurement, public pool, property, water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, rent, contract period and rent. The rate of increase, the number of bets, the entrance fee, the facade advertisement, the interior advertising space, the middle-aged celebration, the anniversary, the promotion of the event, whether it can be rented, whether it can be transferred, whether the business content can be changed, whether the owner assists the industrial and commercial tax Fire prevention, if the opening time is delayed, how to compensate, etc., only by understanding these problems, it is not difficult to solve the problem later.
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