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A few aspects that you need to know when buying amusement equipment: Purchase instructions Equipment maintenance

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-12
A few aspects that you need to know when buying amusement equipment: Purchase instructions Equipment maintenance

2021/9/24 9:28:23

At present, many customers have seen that the children's playground franchise is very profitable. If you decide to do it and you have the money, the easy way is to find a manufacturer that does everything for you and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

However, a lot of client money is not a lot. There are couples who have just got married and are preparing to start a business, or a few people who have pooled money to join. Therefore, in order to save some money, I will find some children's playground equipment manufacturers. When you buy amusement equipment from children's amusement equipment manufacturers, if you can pay attention to a few points, you will not take a detour.

First, when choosing a manufacturer, do not look for a manufacturer that is too well-known or too small.

Because children's playground equipment is not like other equipment, its price ranges from hundreds to millions, so some equipment is also ridiculously profitable.

First of all, if the well-known manufacturers can be among the best in the industry, they naturally have two brushes. But for the entrepreneurs who are not easy on hand, their ex-factory price is too high. I think everyone understands that it requires a lot of advertising fees, franchise fees, high costs and so on. All from our customers, which is not cost-effective for us.

Secondly, the production capacity of manufacturers that are too well-known is also a place for us to hesitate, especially for children's playground equipment. To give a simple example: the good or bad of the leather used for outsourcing can't be seen by laymen at all. So we don't choose them either.

So we have to choose a few manufacturers with good reputation in this industry, and then choose one from them. It is very important to choose the one with the good character of the owner by contacting us. Because it involves many issues in the later stage to facilitate future communication.

Second, find a good manufacturer to choose children's playground equipment

Whether you find a manufacturer of children's playground equipment through a friend's introduction or from other channels on the Internet, you must think carefully about your needs. For example, if you want to join a large outdoor, you need to know the size of the machine, the degree of wear resistance and so on. If the outdoor is not large, the influence of weather should be considered. In order to prolong the service life of children's playground equipment, do you need to buy tents when it rains?

, the manufacturer provides good. When you join an indoor children's park, the most important consideration is the problem of children playing. Such as the quality of the installation accessories of the naughty castle, the design of the effect map of the naughty castle, the quality and thickness of the floor mat, the anti-collision quality of the soft bag, the indoor monitoring system, the cash register software, the training for the employees, etc. These can be learned more from the manufacturer of children's playground equipment. they must do this

It has been in the line for many years, and getting things from other manufacturers is always much cheaper than ours. Of course, the good thing is that many things are not clear on the phone.

Third, you must do everything yourself and don't be afraid of trouble

This is also important if you want to save money and worry about trouble. That definitely won't work, you can't have both. Only by understanding and comparing little by little can you achieve the desired effect in your mind.
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