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About queuing for park amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-23
About queuing for park amusement equipment

2018-08-31 152 times

If you often go to the amusement park, you must know that there is always a long queue in front of some popular park amusement equipment. Taking domestic amusement parks as an example, people are willing to spend an average of 17.89 minutes in line, mainly because they think 'the facilities should be funHowever, if there are no queues for the amusement equipment, it is difficult for tourists to be attractive enough.

The length of time spent queuing for amusement equipment in parks and receiving services will make tourists have positive and negative reactions. Research shows that tourists are willing to spend an average of 17.89 minutes in line, and 30 minutes is the turning point of patience. If the waiting time is longer than expected, tourists will start to feel crowded and irritable. Therefore, once it exceeds 30 minutes, it is easy for people to give up consumption, or even break out of consumption disputes, feeling 'too bad'.

If you wait too long, tourists will be less attractive to park rides. So, is the queue time shorter the better? It turns out not to be the case. If there is no need to wait for a ride on an amusement equipment, or there is no queue, tourists will not be able to imagine that it has high-quality service, and it is difficult to be attracted to ride the amusement equipment, which may enter a vicious circle of no queue and no ride. . 30 minutes can be said to be a turning point in the mood of queuing, and it is also a very important part of marketing techniques. Operators of park amusement equipment can get inspiration from this survey and adjust their operation strategies in time to maximize profits when the queues for amusement facilities are too long or when no one is queuing.
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