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Amusement equipment manufacturers briefly introduce what is a bouncy castle and its characteristics

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-23
Amusement equipment manufacturers briefly introduce what is a bouncy castle and its characteristics

2021/9/24 10:04:31

The bouncy castle is a kind of inflatable amusement equipment with the appearance of a castle. It is made of environmentally friendly and soft pvc fabric, and the fan is used to continuously supply air under the condition of sealing to maintain the shape of the product. Provided for children's play. It is loved by children because of its cute and unique shape. Also known as: bouncy castle, children's castle, inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide, children's playground, etc.

Bouncy Castle Features:

The large bouncy castle amusement park is a new generation of entertainment facilities. It is designed according to the characteristics of children. It contains slides, various animal shapes, and has rich entertainment items, which are very popular among children. It is sexual, comprehensive, ornamental, novel, bright in color and durable. It is made of waterproof cloth through scientific three-dimensional combination. This is a highly comprehensive entertainment park. Players achieve the purpose of developing their intelligence, exercising their bodies, and pleasing their minds and bodies through novel activities such as turning, rolling, crawling, shaking, shaking, jumping, and drilling. This product is welcomed by buyers because of its randomness and no power device, reliable, simple management and convenient maintenance.

(1) The fabric thickness of large inflatable toys and small and medium-sized inflatable toys is 0.45mm (500D). The upper sheet of slides and slopes is made of 0.55mm (1000D) fabric, and the bottom bottom is 0.45mm (500D). The height of the air cushion is 60 cm. , the height of the guardrail is 80 cm, and the width of the guardrail is 27-30 cm. The slide and shape design are rounded. The upper and lower reinforcement structure is used for sewing in the places that are easy to break. The material is the national unified pvc mesh cloth. The test results of the Quality Supervision Bureau show that this material is one of the designated materials for odorless and green amusement equipment.

(2) This material is a kind of inflatable cloth, which has good cold resistance and can reach a low temperature of minus 40 degrees; it has good flame retardancy. PVC is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride material. It is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc., through mixing, calendering, vacuum forming and other processes. It can be used in eight to about 100,000 people.
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