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Amusement equipment manufacturers have different requirements for different styles of equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-13
Amusement equipment manufacturers have different requirements for different styles of equipment

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With people's bold ideas, more and more amusement equipment is mainly divided into small, medium and large, so what are the different qualification requirements for operating different styles of amusement equipment? This must be considered We have arrived at the venue we operate. Today, the editor of the amusement equipment manufacturer makes use of the park amusement equipment venue to divide the industry in this regard. I hope that it will be helpful to invest in amusement equipment in the future.

1. Small amusement equipment: At present, small amusement equipment is a very profitable industry. The requirements for operating this equipment are not high. The operator only needs to go to the local industrial and commercial department for capital verification, registration, business license, and then to When applying for a tax registration certificate at the tax bureau, you also need to go to the health bureau to apply for a sanitation license. Finally, you need to go to the public security fire department to go through fire-related procedures. You can operate if you meet the above conditions;

2. Medium-sized amusement equipment: If you are operating a medium-sized amusement equipment, you need to have all the procedures for operating a small amusement equipment. In addition to these, it also needs the relevant departments to check whether the material of the equipment exceeds the standard. In addition, for those special amusement equipment that runs fast It can only operate after passing the national special equipment inspection;

3. Large-scale amusement equipment: This kind of equipment is generally not qualified to operate by ordinary people. Most of them are invested and built by the government. To operate such amusement equipment, all procedures for operating small amusement equipment are required. Relevant departments are required to inspect the materials used for the equipment to ensure that the materials used for the equipment do not harm the body of tourists. For those amusement equipment that exceeds the standard, they must pass the special equipment inspection of the country, and the documents that allow the operation can only be operated;

The above points are that the amusement equipment manufacturers have all outlined the division of amusement equipment that exists in the entire park amusement equipment industry. People can divide the business scope according to different groups of people.
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