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Amusement equipment manufacturers share play notes

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-19
Amusement equipment manufacturers share play notes

2018-08-29 200 times

Amusement equipment manufacturers remind everyone that you must remember to pay attention to some things when you are playing in the playground, especially when you are playing the popular amusement equipment luxury carousel, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Inspections must be done before running every day, and inspection records must be made.

2. The test machine should be run for no less than 2 times before business operation. After confirming that everything is normal, the machine can be opened for business.

3. The main contents of the daily safety inspection are as follows:

(1) Whether the fastening nuts are loose or fall off;

(2) Whether there is deformation from the outside. cracked. damage;

(3) Whether the motor switch is sensitive and reliable.

(4) Whether the action of the upper and lower parts of the horse pole is good;

(5) Whether there is any abnormal smell and sound;

(6) Whether the temperature rise of the motor is normal;

(7) Whether the power cord is loose, and whether the electrical indication is normal;

(8) Whether the lubrication of the rolling bearing and the rolling bearing is good, whether the temperature rise is normal, and whether the wear condition exceeds the standard;

(9) Whether the main welds have abnormal conditions such as cracks and openings;

(10) Whether the joint bearing and shaft joint under the horse rod shaft are cracked or damaged;

(11) Whether there is any abnormality in the fixing frame under the horse;

The above is the content shared by amusement equipment manufacturers, I believe it can help everyone.
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