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Amusement park facilities and equipment maintenance plan-

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-25
 Amusement park facility equipment maintenance plan  337 times 2019-03-29 15:53:34  During the operation of the amusement park facility equipment, the equipment fails, and the maintenance personnel should rush to the scene as soon as possible to quickly formulate the maintenance plan. And notify the equipment operator to open the switch and cut off the power, and the maintenance personnel remove the operation console switch key, temporarily keep it, and hang up the 'maintenance operation, no closing' sign, and a special person will monitor it in the operation room. After the overhaul is finished, remove the 'overhaul operation, no switching on' sign, and return the switch key to the operator for test machine; 'overhaul operation, forbid closing on' can also be a cartoon graffiti 'resting, about to resurrect with full blood' and so on.
Before entering the designated amusement park facility and equipment area for maintenance, the maintenance personnel should enter according to the designated safe route. It is forbidden to climb over the railings and walk in the area without safety assurance measures; before entering the specific or high-altitude maintenance area, they should Carrying tools and objects are registered on the tool and object registration form. After the operation is completed, the debris in the inspection area must be cleaned up and checked with the registered tools and objects before the operation to confirm that there are no tools, objects and sundries left in the inspection area After that, the equipment can be used for trial operation.
Before entering the closed area to inspect and repair the amusement park facilities and equipment, you need to communicate with the equipment operator in advance, and fill in the work content and time of entry and exit on the registration form. The entrance should be supervised by a special person to prevent others from entering; if the maintenance work needs to be replaced midway due to special reasons, the handover work should be done in advance. And accurately inform the other party of the cause of the failure, the handling method and the work progress. During the climbing and maintenance operations, the maintenance personnel should check in advance whether the tools and articles they carry are in danger of falling off, and have special personnel under the working area for supervision, with warning tapes or safety signs.
Before inspecting the amusement park facilities and equipment every day, the maintenance personnel should inform the equipment operator in advance, and remove the console switch key, which will be temporarily kept by the maintenance personnel, and return the key to the operator after the equipment inspection is completed. Carry out a test run. If you need to check the equipment with power on or need the cooperation of the operator, a maintenance personnel should monitor the equipment in the operation room; the maintenance personnel must keep the equipment more than half a meter safe when checking the equipment for abnormal noises and odors during the equipment commissioning process. If you need to climb high for observation, you must be on the inspection platform or in a safe area with safety fences, and you must wear your seat belt correctly.
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