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Are small amusement equipment more popular with everyone?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-06
Are small amusement equipment more popular with everyone?

2021/9/25 8:56:49

When you go to the playground, do you often see all kinds of amusement equipment on the playground, large, medium and small, as well as all kinds of equipment. However, the most popular is small amusement equipment, because of its small footprint, high performance, convenient movement, low investment cost, and quick results. Amusement industry operators can quickly make profits through this kind of children's amusement equipment.

The small amusement equipment market has broad prospects for development. Whether it is in playgrounds, squares, parks, or shopping malls, small amusement equipment can be seen everywhere. Most of the current consumers in the amusement industry are children, and children have become big As for the consumer group, most families now have only one child, and the largest monthly household expenditure is also the child. As long as it is related to the child, there is a lot of room for market development. The initial investment cost of large and medium-sized amusement equipment is too high, and it covers a wide area. It can only be put in large amusement parks, while small amusement equipment occupies a small area, is convenient to move, easy to manage, and has a low investment cost. Easy to be the boss.

The update of large and medium-sized amusement equipment is relatively slow, and the investment cost is too large, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. If you invest so much at once, you will not take the liberty of updating until the cost is recovered. After a few times, I will feel bored, but the small children's play equipment is different, the update speed is fast, and the cost can be recovered in half a month or a month. If you want to quickly catch the attention of customers, you must innovate from time to time. Of course, while pursuing novelty, the quality requirements of amusement equipment cannot be ignored. If you want to make profits quickly, the equipment must be Often updated, the quality must be good.
Amusement equipment is constantly increasing, and there are many materials, such as metal. What are the requirements for metal materials of amusement equipment?
1. The coating of the metal structure should meet the standard of rust release
2. The corrosion depth of the stressed metal structure should be less than 15% of the thickness of the prototype steel

3. The wear amount of the section steel track should be less than 20% of the element thickness size, and the wear amount of the round tube track should be less than 15% of the original thickness size.

In fact, not only small amusement equipment, but some amusement equipment are also very popular. The editor will introduce the most popular products of Golden Horse in recent years!

New No Skynet Bumper Car Manufacturer Phone | Double Bumper Car

This amusement equipment, the bumper car, is a very popular one. It has a history of more than ten years. It is suitable for all ages, and it can also cultivate feelings with children. It is one of the more exciting equipment. The editor also likes it!

Battle Shark Island_Large Amusement Equipment

Rotation speed: 3R/min

Crew 12*2 people
Power: 10kw

Area: 14m in diameter

'Fighting Shark Island' is a kind of amusement equipment that our company has fully produced, which integrates appearance, color matching, and cabin coordination. Its novel design, unique structure, power saving and beautiful appearance; image decoration and beautiful music enable people to experience the joy of running on the water when playing. It is also equipped with a unique water target. When the water gun hits the target during operation, the target will make various actions and make sounds. It can also do some activities that are beneficial to health and intellectual development during sports, giving people a relaxed and active sea battle. a feeling of.
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