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Children need to follow the instructions when playing with play equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-16
Children need to follow the instructions when playing with play equipment

2021/9/25 9:55:24

Now many people play amusement equipment, in order to pay attention to the instructions when playing amusement equipment. What matters should we pay special attention to?

1. Only children aged 3-12 are provided under the protection of adults.

2. When playing, be humble to each other, pay attention, do not crowd, do not chase and play, pay special attention to the danger of falling and collision when playing.

3. It is forbidden to slide down the edge of the handrail of the slide, and it is forbidden to go up against the slide, cross the guardrail or hang outside the guardrail and other dangerous movements.

4. It is strictly forbidden to move, disassemble and loosen the parts of the instrument without authorization. Do not use the instrument when the screws are loose.

5. Children should wear clothes that are easy to move around, and there should be no hard objects on their bodies.

6. No pets or food are allowed to enter, and equipment and venues must be kept hygienic.

7. Do not encourage children to do dangerous and difficult movements.

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