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Classification of large amusement facilities and common sense

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-18
Classification of large amusement facilities and common sense

2021/9/26 11:32:18

Nowadays, large-scale amusement facilities make full use of advanced technologies such as sound, light, electricity, etc., which integrate knowledge, interest, science and thrills, and are widely liked by tourists.

Large-scale amusement equipment classified as special equipment management refers to the amusement equipment that is used for operation purposes and carries passengers. Manned large-scale amusement facilities. Large-scale amusement equipment requires the 'Special Equipment Production License' (mandatory annual inspection) issued by the State Council's special equipment safety supervision and management department, which is divided into three categories of CBA.

According to the number of people, construction method, speed and lifting height.

At present, large-scale amusement facilities mainly include: carousel, scooter, gyro, flying tower, racing car, self-controlled aircraft, sightseeing car, small train, overhead tourist car, water amusement equipment, bumper car , battery vehicles, etc.

When using large-scale amusement facilities, pay attention to the following matters: 'Instructions to Passengers' or 'Instructions to Ride' and related 'Warning' signs are installed in the prominent center of the amusement equipment, which must be read carefully. Before riding, tourists must wait outside the fence. When there are many people, line up and do not climb over the fence.

You must follow the instructions of the staff, get up and down in sequence, sit firmly and support, and do not enter the isolation area without authorization. When going up and down, pay attention to your head and feet to avoid bumping or falling. After the amusement equipment stops at the station, please untie the belt and open the pressure bar under the command, guidance or assistance of the staff.

Sit upright on the seat. When the equipment is in motion, do not stick out your hands, arms, feet and other body parts out of the window, let alone untie the belt and open the safety bar.

Before the amusement equipment is stopped, it cannot be grabbed and taken down. When riding, you must fasten the belt to check whether it is reliable. When running, please hold the handle or other equipment with both hands, and the belt cannot be unfastened.

According to the rules of the 'Quality Law', all products for domestic consumption and sales should be marked with the factory name, factory address and certificate of conformity, and should be marked with standard Chinese characters. Imported children's play equipment should also have instructions on the use of toys in Chinese. The Instructions for Use of Toys provides a lot of information about the product above and should be read carefully. Three non-products are rejected, so when purchasing children's amusement equipment, you should pay attention to whether the use of children's amusement equipment is complete or not.
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