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Continuous independent innovation and development of new amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-29
Continuous independent innovation and development of new amusement equipment

2022/3/17 10:26:34

The improvement of living standards has driven the development of our tertiary industry, which includes many projects, among which the entertainment industry is one of them. The development of science and technology constantly prompts us to launch new amusement equipment, which is also a relatively prosperous industry. So, what is the premise for the development of the new amusement equipment industry?

The development of the new amusement equipment industry can be said to have been steadily moving forward and is deeply loved by everyone. However, the development of a product is inseparable from continuous innovation. Only various whimsical ideas can push the audience of our products to a higher level step by step. Give full play to your potential and ability to develop and create your own amusement equipment. On the road of research and development, we will create more suitable brands and amusement equipment for ourselves, and let more people accept our own brand. From this point of view, the constantly innovative products upheld by Lijian Amusement are deeply loved by the public.

Our country's new amusement equipment is still mostly OEM production, and the proportion of products with independent intellectual property rights is only less than 20%. On the road of independent development of amusement equipment, everyone still needs to continue to explore and innovate. It is necessary for each manufacturer to create its own characteristic development brand and give priority to meeting the most important actual needs of the market.

The survival of amusement equipment is independent innovation, but today's enterprises are developing unsatisfactorily at this point, and there are various factors interfering. Without corresponding policies, enterprises will lack some confidence in the future development, and can only follow the popular hobby. It is inevitable that it will hinder the reform and innovation of products, and the vision is not long-term enough, so we dare not invest a lot in product innovation and brand reform.

On the road of independent innovation, new products suitable for the development of the industry need to meet the needs of the market. Lijian Amusement believes: 'In addition to meeting the market demand, we should pay more attention to the development of the market demand. The company needs more technical personnel to go to various places to observe and find the feedback from different regions and what kind of products are suitable for the local area, and get inspiration from it. It's about combining discovery and creativity, integrating and developing its new products.'

If you want to develop continuously, you need to keep innovating and improving yourself, especially for amusement equipment. On this road of continuous development, Integrity Amusement has also continued to adhere to its original intention and strive to innovate.

Jinma Amusement has a good business environment, a mature operation mode and a high-quality construction team. It integrates popular landscape concepts and traditional Chinese garden landscape ideas, and has completed the design and construction of many projects. Over the past ten years, it has served 1,000 people around the world. Many large theme amusement parks, and provide long-term operation guidance and new product supporting services for many amusement parks. For many case customers, please inquire and understand.
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