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Good replacement of bumper car tires affects the quality and stability of bumper cars

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-16
Good replacement of bumper car tires affects the quality and stability of bumper cars

2021/9/26 2:04:30

Customers who have purchased Jinma bumper cars know that Jinma bumper cars rarely have quality failures. Generally, the problem is due to aging batteries or loose wiring. Compared with the large-scale bumper cars on the market, the tires burst, or the belly of the bumper encountered high temperature. The problem doesn't happen on the Golden Horse bumper body, why is that?

Generally speaking, bumper car anti-collision tires are made of rubber as the main raw material. Its function is to generate mutual elastic force between two bumper cars when they collide with each other, and move backwards to varying degrees. . The facility is mainly divided into two layers, the outer layer is thick black rubber and the inner layer is an inner tube that can be used for inflation. Therefore, whether the crash tire is in a fully inflated state or in a state of no gas, its shape is almost unchanged.
Because the role of anti-collision tires when bumper cars collide with each other is irreplaceable by other products, the sales price of this facility in the market is generally more than one thousand yuan.
Use the tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure of the buffer, which should be kept within the range of 1.8-2kg/cm2. After the passenger gets on the bus, fasten the belt. When the start signal is heard, press the pedal with the right foot, (be careful not to Release), turn the steering wheel, it can start, and when it cannot move forward after collision with each other, the steering wheel should be turned at a large angle to continue running. Turn the steering wheel counterclockwise to the limit position, and the car can move backwards. When the left foot leaves the foot switch, it stops running.

In particular, some customers are trying to solve the problem of how to attract the attention of tourists in the bumper car playground. The bumper car anti-collision tires can handle this contradiction very well. As the bumper car anti-collision tires, the operator can also make some colorful devices on it, so that players can have further interest in them.
The main components of bumper car anti-collision tires:
1. The inside is an inflatable inner tube 2. The outside is a special rubber tire for bumper cars that is mainly collision
The use of bumper car anti-collision tires:
1. When the bumper cars collide with each other, it acts as a buffer for each other. 2. Ensure that the passengers will not have too strong impact when they collide, which will cause injuries.
Price of bumper car crash tires:
1. Generally, the market price of 2CM bumper car tires is 700 yuan a piece. 2. The wholesale price is 600 yuan a piece. The bumper car of Jinma adopts a reinforced 3CM thickness.
Warranty period of bumper car crash tires:
1. Buy bumper car anti-collision tires alone. When there is a problem, the manufacturer will not guarantee it. 2. When buying bumper car together, the bumper car manufacturer will provide a free one-year warranty.
Operating requirements of bumper car anti-collision tires:
1. The bumper car anti-collision tires must be used on the periphery of the bumper car. 2. Between the bumper cars that collide with each other, special bumper car anti-collision tires must be installed.
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